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Torpedo Ireland

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I have now worked out with the Torpedo for a week and love it. My trainer has managed to incorporate it into almost every work out, from the kettle bell swing to dead lifts, we even did a plank, hooked one foot into the handle and did a mountain climber for enhance my core workout. I did Russian Twists last night and I thought I would die, but it really worked the muscles, pretty intense.

Lauren Anderson


These are the Swiss Army knives of workout equipment! You can do everything with them from dumbbell to kettlebell exercises and more! Press, pull and swing! I immediately bought another so I could have two for my home gym. Much better price than most dumbbell sets anyway. Would highly recommend!

Alex Kolch


Just received the torpedo and did a workout with it, I’m quite happy with this product. Someone who is very short may not be able to go deep in a kettlebell swing movement but I had no problem doing my normal style swing.( I’m only 5’8 ). I had no problems using the torpedo- squats, cleans, curls, swings etc. great product for variety and to maximize space. (Added Jan 30th). It’s been 2 months and I still love it. It’s now been a year, still using it- still love it!

Richard Donia 

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